Suet Balls Vs Fat Balls: The Bird Debate

Suet Balls Vs Fat Balls: The Bird Debate

Suet balls are an essential part of our bird food subscription boxes, but why did we choose suet balls over fat balls? And what are the differences between the two? In today's post, we will be revealing all we can about why we made this decision and how these fantastic balls of fats can help our bird brethren, all year round.

What are Suet Balls for Birds?

Suet balls are a great way for us to provide our bird friends with nutrients and essential fats all in the same meal. Suet balls for birds are made up of animal or vegetable suet, mixed with a variety of seeds, nuts and insects. Suet is the raw, hard fat that is found around the loins and kidneys of cattle and sheep, or a mixture of vegetable fats, commonly used in puddings, dumplings and magnificent mince pies, for us humans, and in a wide variety of bird feed and seed mixes. The suet balls in our Palores Bird Food Subscription Boxes are made up of; beef fat, millet seed, linseed, rapeseed, peanut flour, wheat flour and dried insects, so you can be assured that every time you see the wild birds feeding on your balls ((snigger) (yes, I am 35!)), they will be getting a well balanced, high energy snack. 

Suet is a rich source of calories for our avian amigos and is easily digestible, making it an immediate and excellent source of high-quality energy.  This alongside our Palores spring seed mix is the perfect way to provide our feathery friends with a nutritious and energy-rich meal anytime they visit your feeders.

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Bird Eating Suet Balls

Fat Balls Vs Suet Balls 

Fat balls and suet balls are essentially made up of the same thing, however, products marked as fat balls can contain a lot of fillers making them a less efficient means of feeding the birds as well as providing significantly depleted nutritional value. Birds are extremely good at not eating what they don't need, and as such, fat balls and cheap suet balls can also lead to a lot of mess and the chance of attracting unwanted visitors such as mice. 

A good quality suet ball will be tightly packed and will be made up of a large proportion of suet, nutritious seeds and tasty insects. Look out for the ingredients when buying suet balls and check how they look, cheaper versions will clearly be less fat heavy and have a crumbly, floury appearance. We check every single ball before we pack them into our bird food subscription boxes so you can be assured of a top-quality product every time. 

When to Feed Your Birds Suet Balls

Due to the destruction of habitat and the massive declines in insect populations over the last 20 years, birds are in need of regular additional food all year round. Suet balls are an excellent source of this year-round energy and can be offered to your wild birds whenever you like. It is worth remembering, in the summer months, that suet balls should only be put out at a rate that allows your birds to know they are always there, but so the suet balls aren't sitting in the warm for weeks at a time. Suet ball feeders should also be regularly cleaned with warm water and a squirt of gentle dish soap, make sure to rinse them thoroughly as the smell of your detergent can be off-putting for certain species. 

Brilliantly British Made

All of our suet balls are made right here in England, a decision we made based on reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can, despite cheaper alternatives being available from abroad. As Palores grows we are committed to doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We are passionate about our natural world and making planet-friendly decisions, like this one, will always be at the heart of our business.

Bird eating fat balls

Suet Balls and Subscription Boxes

As we have said above, our suet balls are of the best possible quality and provide the perfect high-calorie, nutritious snack for any wild birds who are visiting your garden. Tits and woodpeckers are particularly partial to suet balls, but you will also see any number of wild birds tucking into these opulently oleaginous orbs. 

Suet balls are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to help our British wild birds to get a nutritious meal all year round. If you’d like to get a superb quality set of 12 suet balls as well as 2.5kg of seasonally appropriate birdseed mix that will be delivered to your door every month, then click to subscribe here>