The Big Garden Bird Watch 2023

The Big Garden Bird Watch 2023

This weekend, from the 27th to the 29th of January 2023, marks another round of the annual Big Garden Birdwatch run by the splendid folks at the RSPB

The Big Garden Birdwatch has been running since 1980, is in its 43rd year and is the world's largest wildlife survey. The survey allows RSPB scientists to access some of the most valuable insights into how our garden birds are faring from year to year, with over 700,000 participants, giving over 10 million hours of their time and counting more than 11 million birds!!

Blue Tit on Bird Feeder

The Big Garden Birdwatch doesn't just help scientists keep track of bird populations, trends in breeding and other important data, it is also a great way for people to connect with nature, our garden birds and the outside world, and to encourage those who perhaps might be seeing but not noticing the fascinating feathery world that is happening all around us. Our gardens, and other outside spaces, provide essential habitats for our avian amigos and we can help by making them, ourselves and our families more connected. 

A 2016 survey suggested that 96% of parents thought their children should have a connection with nature and The Big Garden Birdwatch is the perfect opportunity. This alongside suggestions by leading psychologists that time connecting with the outdoors can improve mood, concentration, memory and attention spans, and the fact that it is a great way to help the birds, leads us to think there really is no excuse not to get in on the action.

At Palores, we love to get involved each and every year and are proud to be helping our lovely customers provide for those glorious garden birds throughout the seasons, ultimately encouraging a wider variety of species to their birdtables and onto these invaluable surveys. 

How to Get Involved in the Big Garden Birdwatch 2023

The really amazing thing about the Big Garden Birdwatch is the ease with which we can all take part. The sign-up process takes little more than two minutes and all of the information, as well as a handy free guide and welcome pack, is sent straight to your email inbox, ready to print off or use on whatever device you find easiest. Just Click Here to get yours today. 

Once you have all the necessary survey materials to hand, all you will need is an appropriate garden, balcony or outside space where you can count birds and an hour of free time this weekend. From there the free RSPB guide will tell you all you need to know about the correct way to do your count as well as some super handy places to help you identify your birds. It’s all as simple as that!

Garden Bird on Birdbath

Preparing Your Garden for the Big Garden Birdwatch

According to the RSPB themselves, the four main things you can do to help encourage more birds into your gardens are; providing extra food to top up their natural diets, ensuring you have fresh drinking water for them, providing nest boxes and bird houses, and planting with our feathery friends in mind. Although it might be a bit late in the day to start your planting before the weekend to encourage the birds, you can certainly provide them with somewhere to drink and some extra sustenance. 

Leaving out water in shallow containers, such as dishes, bin lids or a traditional bird bath will help to encourage the birds as they always need fresh water and sometimes a place to bathe. 

There are a myriad of foods that most people will have in their kitchen that are suitable to leave out for garden birds if you haven't had time to subscribe to our bird feed subscription service! Birds will happily eat; cooked rice and pasta, currents, raisins, sultanas, soft fruits such as apples and pears, cheese and uncooked and unsalted bacon rinds. 

Robin Feeding on Suet Balls

Encouraging Birds into Your Garden with the Best Bird Feed Around

We only send out our brilliant bird food subscriptions twice a month so unless you’ve already subscribed you won't be in time to feed your garden birds the best food and suet balls in town. However, you can always prepare your garden and welcome regular visits from your local feathery friends and The Big Garden Birdwatch 2024, by signing up for our monthly, or bi-monthly, bird food subscription so they will always know where to go to get some tasty supplements for their diets!

Bird Food and Suet Ball Subscription Box

If you are planning on making your gardens more bird-friendly don't forget to follow us on social media for our top tips and to keep up to date with some of the exciting new products we have got lined up for 2023!

So, If you haven't signed up for the Big Garden Birdwatch already, go to and get yourself involved with the biggest wildlife survey in the world this weekend, help the birds and reconnect with nature while you’re at it, what could be better!!