• North Cornwall Coastline
  • Plaores, or Chough, bird in Flight

The Birth of a Bird Food Subscription Service

My name is Matthew, I have been a full-time carer for my grandmother since 2019, living my daily life with her in a remote village in North Cornwall. With working from home, part-time, as well as the daily tasks required as a carer I’m often swamped, leaving little time for those little pleasures in life. One of the things my granny and I enjoy is watching the birds on her bird table and feeders, and this is where the idea for Palores came. I wanted to find a regular and convenient supply of premium quality bird seed and suet balls that would be delivered to us each and every month for a reasonable price and, of course, be sent to us in environmentally friendly packaging. 

During the pandemic, I was unfortunate to lose my job and this is the point where I introduce Palores co-founder and my Covid saviour, Maddie, to the story. Maddie had moved back to Cornwall after a brief sojourn into city life in Bristol and reconnected with me as we had worked together in the local pub a few summers previously. During the pandemic, Maddie decided to move back to this part of the beautiful Cornish coast, where she grew up, to be closer to family and reconnect with nature and her greatest passion, wildlife.

Maddie works for the incomparable Natural Cornish Pet, a natural pet food company based in West Cornwall, and helped me find a job on their staff as a copywriter. At Natural Cornish Pet, both of us are able to work in an industry that we both believe in and love, working with animals and sustainability every day. Our work at Natural Cornish Pet has also enabled us to build up a special set of skills and contacts that made the birth of Palores possible. 

Working together also allowed us to explore our joint passions for sustainability, the natural world and creativity, which would eventually lead to the creation of Palores, a bird food subscription service for sustainable people.

And we can’t wait to welcome you in and share the next step of the Palores journey with you.

A Cornish Company

At Palores we are proud to be a Cornish company, so much so that we have named our company in the language of the region. Palores means Chough in Cornish and this pretty little bird is also the county bird of Cornwall, could we be more Cornish? Well, Maddie is a Cornish maid through and through, having been born in Truro hospital and spending all of her formative years south of the Tamar River. Although Matt isn't Cornish he has been visiting granny regularly, in Crackington Haven, since he was small, spending months at a time with her in North Cornwall, and having moved here permanently a few years back is slowly gaining Cornish acceptance! 

We are also really proud to be starting a company that is not dependent on the tourism industry in Cornwall, as diversity in employment can be hard to find in this area of the country. We hope, in the long run, that we will be able to provide jobs for local people that are sustainable and non-seasonal, opening up the possibility of keeping more local people in the area and helping to improve the selection of work opportunities for them. 

We both absolutely love Cornwall and are excited to think that one day we might be able to give back a little of what it has given to us.

  • Palores Co-Founder Matt


    Likes: Surfing, reading, synthesizers, printmaking and looking after the environment

    Dislikes: Single-use plastics, driving (has taken him 4 years to fail one test - true story!)

    Favourite Bird: Bullfinch, there is a cheeky one that visits him regularly on his office windowsill.

  • Palores Co Founder Maddie


    Likes: Art, gardening, my cat Tarot and all the other animals (I refuse to choose a favourite!) 

    Dislikes: The meat industry, competitive sports

    Favourite Bird: Starling, the murmurations in North Cornwall are spellbinding and they have some very fancy feathers too.