What is a bird food subscription service?

Our Palores Bird Food Subscription box is a monthly subscription box that contains a premium seasonal bird seed mix, suet balls and a hand-printed card. 

What is included in your bird food subscription boxes?

Palores Bird Food subscription boxes contain 2.5kg of our seasonally changing birdseed mix, alongside 12 premium suet balls and a limited edition Lino print that is handmade by us.

When do you deliver your bird food subscriptions?

We distribute our bird food subscriptions twice a month, once on or around the 15 of the month and once on or around the last day of the month, you will receive your box a few days after this. 

How often will my Palores Bird Food Subscription Boxes be delivered?

We deliver twice a month, you can opt for monthly or twice monthly deliveries depending on your needs.

Why do you only deliver twice a month?

Delivering twice a month allows us to reduce the amount of deliveries we need to schedule which is better for the environment, as it reduces our carbon footprint, and enables us to keep the costs down for you.

What is in the seasonal bird seed mixes?

Our seasonal bird seed mixes are decided each season by us, to find out what is in our Spring mix click Here>

When does the money come out for my bird food subscription?

You will be charged on the day you take out your subscription and you will be sent your first box at the nearest delivery date to your payment. This will also be your billing date going forward. For example, if you pay on the 8th of April, your first box will be sent on the 15th and you will be charged on the 8th of each month unless you cancel your subscription.

How much does a bird food subscription from Palores cost?

Each box is £14.99, so it will be that once or twice a month depending on which option you choose. 

Why is there a discount for locals?

The biggest cost for us at Palores is postage and we are able to hand-deliver the local boxes, and as such, there is a discount for customers local to our base in Crackington Haven.

How do I get my locals' discount?

If you live in postcodes starting with :

EX23 0

EX23  8






Just enter the code LOCAL when you check out and our site will do the rest, it's as easy as that!

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can mange your account when you log into our site or you can just send us an email and we will do the rest for you. 

Is there a minimum subscription length?

There is no minimum subscription period, you are free to cancel or modify your subscription anytime.