Palores Bird Food Subscription Service: The Locals’ Discount

What is the Discount?

We offer a Locals' discount, which is a juicy 15% off. This discount is for people living within a short distance of our base in Crackington Haven, North Cornwall.

Why do you offer a Locals’ Discount?

We offer this discount as we are able to hand-deliver these bird food subscription boxes, which cuts out the need for a courier or delivery service which enables us to reduce the price.

Who Qualifies for the Discount?

People who live in addresses with postcodes starting:

EX23 0

EX23  8






How do we get our Discount if we Qualify?

Enter the discount code 'LOCAL' at checkout on our website. 

If you think we might have missed out on your postcode, please email us and we can make sure you are included.