• Bird Food Subscription Box With Suet Balls and Bag of Bird Seed
  • Palores Suet Balls for Birds And Birdseed

The Ethos Behind Our Bird Food Subscriptions

What sets Palores apart?

Sustainable Subscriptions

At Palores we are committed to making our bird food subscription boxes as eco-friendly as they can possibly be. All of the packaging in our bird food subscription boxes is plastic-free, fully recyclable and compostable, we also get our seed and suet balls delivered to us in paper bags and cardboard boxes, so the whole chain is plastic-free, apart from a small amount of plastic wrap used in transit when our pallets are delivered. We also have found suppliers who share our eco-friendly vision such as noissue.com - sustainable tissue paper, Get Stamped - The Green Stamp Company and Naturepac - eco-friendly packaging. We will also keep on striving to reduce our impact on the planet in our personal lives as well as with Palores and hope to help give back by helping you all to feed our feathery friends.

Affordability: Bird Food for All

As a carer, I know how expenditures can mount up and making Palores an affordable luxury was a priority when we were envisaging our subscription boxes. At £14.99 per month, we think the Palores Bird food Subscription Box is a small price to pay to feed our feathery friends all year round. However, if you are struggling to pay or are acting on behalf of a charity please don't hesitate to get in touch as we really do understand and should be able to help out, depending on your circumstances.

Premium Birdseed & Suet Balls

The most important thing for us at Palores is the quality of our birdseed mixes and suet balls, so your garden birds will be getting all the nutritional additions they need. At Palores we hand mix our seasonal mixes and we are committed to providing our subscribers with the very best bird feed, seeds, nuts and suet balls we can get our hands on.